Quotes from Lesser of Two Evils

Fry: "Hey, my girlfriend had one of those. Actually, it wasn't her's, it was her dad's. Actually, she wasn't my girlfriend, she just lived next door and never closed her curtains."
Leela: "Fry, remember what I told you about always ending your stories a sentence earlier?"

Bender: "Aw, I think I got whiplash."
Leela: "You can't have whiplash, you don't have a neck."
Bender: "I meant ass whiplash."

Dr. Zoidberg: "It funny because it's poisonous."
Fry: "Yeah, keep laughing, brine shrimp."

Fry: "I'm not prejudiced."
Bender: "Ah, save it for the cross-burning, Adolf."

Bob Barker: "Which one of these lovely womanoids will take home atomic tiara?"

Bob Barker: "I may be against the fur industry, but that won't stop me from skinning you alive... as long as no one wears the skin."

Fry: "How can I live my life if I can't tell good from evil?"
Bender: "Ah, they're both fine choices, whatever floats your boat."

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