Quotes from A Clone of My Own

Professor: "Good news, everyone, the university is bringing me up on disclipinary charges. Wait, that's not good news at all."

Dr. Zoidberg: "Now I'm not saying Professor Farnsworth is old, but if you consider his age he's likely to die soon."

Dr. Zoidberg: "A successor to the professor?"

Hermes: "Up yours, Zoidberg. Up wherever your species traditionally crams things."

Bender: "Is he dumb or just ugly?"

Professor: "If a dog craps anywhere in the universe, you can bet I won't be out of loop."

Professor: "Oh, vanity, thy name is Professor Farnsworth."

Cubert: "Robots are very good at keeping secrets."
Bender: "No, we're not, you little bed-wetter. Oops, I'm sorry."

Leela: "There it is, the near-death star."

Cubert: "Why do I have to be the hump?"
Fry: "'Cause you're too ugly to be a wart."

Leela: "We've blown out one of our engines."
Fry: "Fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it... fix it, fix it, fix it!"

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