Quotes from The Deep South

Bender: "Hey, guess what you're accessories to?"

Fry: Ow! My small intestine.

Bender: "Like most of life's problems, this one can be solved with bending."

Dr. Zoidberg: "Look at me! I'm Dr. Zoidberg, home-owner!"

Bender: "Argh. The laws of science be a harsh mistress."

Professor Farnsworth: "He may have ocean madness, but that's no excuse for ocean rudeness."

Fry: "You know what I like best about you, Umbrielle? You find me fascinating, even when I'm not claiming to be a jewel thief or a lion tamer."

Hermes: "The poor demented honky."

Bender: "In the event of an emergency, my ass can be used as a floatation device."

Fry: "Hey, you guys, the most amazing thing happened, it's two-for-one Tuesday at Krispy Kreme! Plus there's mermaids."

Hermes: "I miss my wife and my oxygen."
Professor Farnsworth: "Yes, we all miss our loved ones and gases."

Amy: "What about Umbrielle?"
Fry: "Well, it turned out I loved her, but I wasn't in love with her."
Amy: "Trouble in bed."

Hermes: "Hail, Atlanta."

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