Quotes from Mars University

"Very impressive. Back in the 20th century we had no idea there was a university on Mars." -Fry
"Well in those days Mars was just a dreary uninhabitable wasteland... much like Utah. But unlike Utah, it was eventually made livable, when the university was founed in 2636." -Professor Farnsworth
"They planted traditional college foliage: ivy, trees, hemp...." -Leela

"I heard that in one single night you drank a whole keg, streaked across campus, and crammed fifty-eight humans into a phone booth." -Fatbot
"Yeah, well, a lot of 'em were children...." -Bender

"Don't take this the wrong way, Fry, but you don't seem like the educated type." -Leela

"Hey, professor, what are you teaching this sememster?" -Fry
"Same thing I teach every semester, the mathematics of quantum nutrino fields. I made up the title so that no student would date take it." -Professor Farnsworth
"Mathematics of wonton burrito meals...." -Fry
"Please, Fry, I don't know how to teach. I'm a professor." -Professor Farnsworth

"From this day forth, Robot House is on dodecatuple secret probation." -Dean Vernon

"He's an animal. He belongs in the wild. Or in the circus on one of those tiny tricycles. Now that's entertainment." -Fry

Mars University: Knowledge Brings Fear

Mentholyptus Hall

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