Quotes from When Aliens Attack

"Wow, so this is a real TV station, huh." -Fry
"Well, it's a Fox affiliate." -TV worker guy
"What are you showing right now?" -Fry
"'Single Female Lawyer.' It's the season finale. Wanna watch?" -TV worker guy
"I dunno. That's a chick show. I prefer programs of the genre, World's Blankiest Blank." -Fry
"She is wearing the world's shortiest skirt." -TV worker guy
"I'm in." -Fry

"Oh my god, you knocked Fox off the air!" -TV worker guy
"Like anyone on earth cares." -Fry

"This is an outrage! I demand to know what happened to the plucky lawyer and her compellingly short garmets." -alien

"Fry, you're wasting your life sitting in front of that TV. You need to get out and see the real world." -Leela
"But this is HDTV. It's got better resolution than the real world." -Fry
"Everyone's too polite to say anything, but you're covered with bed sores." -Leela
"Not covered." -Fry

"This is the kind of castle King Arthur would have lived in... if he were a fiddler crab." -Fry

"I refuse to fight! I'm a concientious objector." -Bender
"A what?" -Fry
"You know, a coward." -Bender

"This is turning into one very sexy struggle for the human race." -Zapp Brannigan

"I'm gonna be a science fiction hero, just like Uhura, or Captain Janeway, or Xena!" -Fry
"Fry, this isn't TV, it's real life. Can't you tell the difference?" -Leela
"Sure, I just like TV better." -Fry

"It was just a matter of knowing the secret of all TV shows: at the end of the episode, everything's always right back to normal." -Fry

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