Quotes from A Head in the Polls

"It looks like your neck stepped in something. Oh, I'm sorry, that's just your body." -Bender to Fry

"I spent most of my teen years loving my body. Of course it was tough love, but..." -Fry to Nixon
"Fry, he opened up relations with China. He doesn't want to hear about your ding-dong." -Leela

"What an awful dream. Ones and zeroes everywhere. Ewww. And I thought I saw a two." -Bender
"It was just a dream, Bender. There's no such thing as two." -Fry

"Hello, Morbo, how's the family?" -Nixon
"Belligerent and numerous." -Morbo

"Nixon with charisma? My God, I can rule the universe." -Nixon

"We'll trade you the tape for the body." -Leela
"Oh, expletive deleted, you've got a deal." -Nixon

Voter Registration
First 100 customers get extra vote

Rook takes Pawnshop

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