Quotes from War is the H-Word

Fry: Ooh, Big Pink. It's the only gum with the breath freshening power of ham.
Bender: And it pinkens your teeth while you chew.

Earth Army Recruiting Center: What are you, chicken? Buk buk buk!

Professor: Now, be careful, Fry. And if you kill anyone, make sure to eat their heart to gain their courage. Their rich tasty courage.

Earth men are real men!

Fry: Whoah. Check out that guy. He makes Speedy Gonzales look like Regular Gonzalez.

Officers' club: We don't know but we've been told, our beer on tap is mighty cold.

Brannigan: You'll be negotiating with the aliens' mysterious leaders, the Brain Balls. They've got a lot of brains, and they've got a lot of chutzpah.

Henry Kissinger: Young man, you have the bravery of a hero and breath as fresh as a summer ham.

War over! Balls thoroughly licked.

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