Quotes from The Cryonic Woman

Bender: Pardon me, brother. Care to donate to the anti-mugging you fund?
Leela: We don't need to beg, Bender. For God's sake, we're not veterans.

Applied Cryogenics: It seems to work OK.

Bender: That probulator sure knows how to please a man.

Fry: Nowadays people aren't interested in art that's not tattooed on fat guys.

Hermes: Dating your ex, Fry? Have you lost all self-respect?
Fry: All what?

Fry: Things are different this time. Before she was demanding and possessive, but now she wants me to do stuff and stay with her all the time.

Michelle: I can't find a vanishing cream that doesn't make me actually vanish.

Fry: Michelle, I don't regret this, but I both rue and lament it.

Michelle: You expect me to live in a tiny little hole?
Fry: It'd be deeper, but I'm standing on a gopher.

Michelle: You should be chief.
Fry: Waht do I need, ulcers?

Michelle: When we get back to the hole we are going to have a long boring talk about our relationship.

Loew's Qaddafi's Mann's Grauman's Chinese Theater

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