Quotes from Bendless Love

Professor: Those delightful birds with their chirp chirp chirp and their tweet tweet splat.

Professor: Some say I'm robbing the cradle but I say she's robbing the grave.

Tonight's special, blackened leftovers

Tonight's special, blackened blackened leftovers

Bender: I finally meet a nice girl with a pair of legs that don't quite unexpectedly...

Robot Nite - Designated device drivers drink free

Got protoplasm?

Bender: I ain't your loverboy Flexo, the guy you love so much. You even love anybody pretending to be him!
Angleyne: Well, maybe I love you so much I love you no matter who you're pretending to be.
Bender: Oh, how I wish I could believe or understand that.

Professor: Perhaps it's your outlook that need a good bend, a ninety degree bend to a place where happiness is perpendicular to wonderment.

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