Quotes from The Day the Earth Stood Stupid

Champion Pet Show Today
Kids: See Toucan Sam's death mask

Awards ceremony in progress
No pooping

Leela: Ah, maybe they're right, maybe Nibbler is dumb.
Fry: Don't listen to them, Leela. People said I was dumb but I proved them!

Fry: What are we going to do?
Professor: Duh, I know, let's play the lottery.
Amy: No, let's buy internet stock.
Zoidberg: On margin! Zoidbee wants to buy on margin.
Hermes: Look at me! I'm invisible.
Fry: Wait a minute, I know what's going on here. You've all become idiots.
Bender: Hey, let's go join the Reform party!
Everyone: Yeah!

Niblonian: They travel from world to world making everyone stupid in order to wipe out all thought in the universe.
Leela: Wipe out all thought? My God, they're like flying televisions.

Niblonian 1: You must tell him to disable it. We will do the rest.
Leela: You can count on me!
Niblonian 1: No we can't. Once on Earth, you will be too stupid to remember the message.
Niblonian 2: That's why we wrote it down.
Niblonian 3: We've also prepared a bag lunch and some mittens.

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