Quotes from Bend Her

Leela: They're from the Republic of French Stereotypes. Everybody hates them.

Mrs. Hermes: If I'd wanted a human adonis for a husband, I'd've stayed married to Barbados Slim.

Bender: Hail, hail, Rubonia, a land I didn't make up!

Calculon: Coilette, this may be presumptuous...
Bender: That's my favorite kind of this.

Bender: Just once I'd like to eat dinner with a celebrity who isn't bound and gagged. Is that too much to ask?

Bender: The marriage is a scam.
Fry: Cool. What's for dinner?
Leela: What do you mean, a scam?
Bender: I marry Calculon, divorce him, take half his money, and turn back into a guy. It's sort of a two person pyramid scheme.
Fry: That's marriage, all right.
Leela: That is so unbelievably manipulative.
Bender: C'mon, you never went on a date with a guy just 'cause you were hungry?
Leela: Well, I... uh, I thought I might like him on a full stomach.

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