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There is all sorts of fun Futurama merchandise out there in a world. Here is some of the stuff that you can buy from Amazon and other merchants:

Season 1 on DVD

Season 2 on DVD

Season 3 on DVD

Season 4 on DVD

Season 1-3 on DVD


Paper Doll Book

Futurama 2004 Wall Calendar

Futurama Lunch Box

Futurama - The Game
For Game Cube
For Playstation 2
For Xbox

Pop-Out People
#1 Pop-Out People
#2 Love's Labours Lost
Xmas Story
Hell Is Other Robots

Bendy Toys
Futurama Bender Bendy Toy
Futurama Leela Bendy Toy
Futurama Kif Kroker Bendy Toy

Futurama picture magnets from Starmagnets
These are only a few samples. There are more varieties to be found at the Starmagnets site.

Futurama action figures from Moore Action Collectibles
You can't actually buy things from the above links for action figures, but you can get more information on their availability. As of April, 2001 they were brand new and hard to find.
Check out Eric Sansoni's detailed review of the action figures.