Quotes from Luck of the Fryish

Hermes: Baby needs a new pair of shoes!
Zoidberg: To hell with your spoiled baby, I need those shoes.

Professor: No fair! You changed the outcome by measuring it.

Fry: Augh, I am so unlucky. I've run over black cats that were luckier than me.

Fry: That's it! You can only take my money for so long before you take it all and I say enough!

Leela: Well, someone's in a good mode.

Professor: Dirt doesn't need luck.

Bender: Old New York, the city that inspired a casino in Las Vegas.

Loosely confederate colors of Benetton

Bender: This is the Brooklyn-bound B train making local stops at wherever the hell I feel like, watch for the closing doors.

Fry: Ah, the Breakfast Club soundtrack. Man, I can't wait until I'm old enough to feel ways about stuff.

Fry: That clover helped my rat-fink brother steal my dream of going into space. Now I'll never get there.
Leela: You went there this morning for donuts.

Fry: Leela, Bender, we're going grave-robbing.
Bender: I'll get my kit!

Bender: Grab a shovel. I'm only one skull short of a Mousketeer reunion.

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