Season 4, Episode 9: Futurestock

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Love it or shove it

Aired: Sunday, March 31, 2002

Rating: 2.7/5


Written by Aaron Ehasz
Directed by Brian Sheesley

Billy West
Katey Sagal
John DiMaggio
Tress MacNeille
Also starring
Maurice LaMarche as Walt and Calculon
Guest starring
Phil LaMarr as Hermes
Tom Kenny
Lauren Tom as Amy
David Herman as Scruffy
Frank Welker

The Hebrew sign at the bot-mitvah basically said, "Today you are a robot."

The upside down writing on the Apple 1984 commercial:
William Howard Taft Grover Cleveland (bottom)
Taft Cleve Land Grover (in boxes)

On the big stock ticker on the Galactic Stock Exchange:
RUN dn .47
DMC up .04
FOX dn 61
OSX up .39
WIN dn 50
KIRK dn 1.25
GORN up 2

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