#1 A Flight to Remember
#2 Mars University
#3 When Aliens Attack
#4 Fry and the Slurm Factory
#5 I Second that Emotion
#6 Brannigan, Begin Again
#7 A Head in the Polls
#8 Xmas Story
#9 Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?
#10 Put Your Head on My Shoulder
#11 Lesser of Two Evils
#12 Raging Bender
#13 A Bicyclops Built for Two
#14 How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back
#15 A Clone of My Own
#16 The Deep South
#17 Bender Gets Made
#18 My Problem With Popplers
#19 Mother's Day
#20 Anthology of Interest I

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Executive producers Matt Groening, David X. Cohen

Co-executive producer Ken Keeler, Co-executive producer Eric Horsted, Producer Lewis Morton, Producer J. Stewart Burns, Producer Patric M. Verrone, Co-producer Alex Johns, Co-producer Mili Smythe, Consulting producers Tom Gammill & Max Pross, Consulting producer Richard Raynis, Producer Brian J. Cowan, Produced by Jason Grode, Produced by Claudia Katz, Supervising directors Rich Moore, Gregg Vanzo

#1 A Flight to Remember: Aired Sunday, September 26, 1999

The whole company goes on a vacation on a new luxury space cruise ship called the Titanic, captained by the insufferable Zapp Brannigan. To prevent Zapp hitting on her, Leela pretends Fry is her fiance, and to prevent her parents from setting her up with every guy they meet, Amy tells them that Fry is her boyfriend. Bender meets a female robot that he loves so much he can't steal from her. The ship goes down into a black hole, and everyone escapes safely except Bender's true love.

#2 Mars University: Aired Sunday, October 3, 1999

Fry and the gang deliver a package to the professor's office at Mars University. Fry re-enrolls in college, and his roommate turns out to be the contents of the package: a highly intelligent monkey. Bender finds a branch of his old fraternity, and realizes that all the robots there are nerds. He introduces them to the wonders of keggers and causing havoc on campus, and manages to keep them from getting in too much trouble by winning a boat race after falling over a waterfall.

#3 When Aliens Attack: Aired Sunday, November 7, 1999

In 1999, Fry delivers a pizza to a Fox affiliate that is showing the season finale of "Single Female Lawyer," which has some strong similarities to "Ally McBeal." Fry stays to watch, and spills a beer on the control panel, cutting off the broadcast. On a planet called Omicron Persei 8 that is 1000 light years away, aliens are watching the broadcast, and are extremely upset when it is interrupted. While the gang is frolicking at Monument Beach, the aliens come and attack earth, demanding McNeal. Everyone assumes they mean President McNeal, the president of earth, and they launch an extremely unsuccessfuly attack, led by Zapp Brannigan, on the aliens' mother ship. The aliens once again demand McNeal, and Zapp bags the president and delivers him to the aliens' front door. The aliens say that that is not the McNeal they want. They want Jenny McNeal, the Single Female Lawyer. Fry and the gang figure out what the aliens want, but there are no tapes of the episode still available since they were destroyed in the second coming of Christ. So Leela stars as Jenny McNeal in the final episode of "Single Female Lawyer" written and directed by Fry.

#4 Fry and the Slurm Factory: Aired Sunday, November 14, 1999

The deliciously addictive soda Slurm is having a contest in which the finder of a gold bottle cap in some can of Slurm gets to go party with Slurms Mackenzie, the original party worm, on the planet where Slurm is produced. Fry finds the bottle cap by choking on it, and he and the gang go to the planet Wormulon. They find out that Slurm actually comes from a giant worm hiney, and barely escape with their lives.

#5 I Second that Emotion: Aired Sunday, November 21, 1999

Bender is jealous of all the attention Nibbler is getting, so he flushes him down the toilet. Professor Farnsworth installs an empathy chip in Bender so that he can feel Leela's pain. Bender is in so much pain that he flushes himself down the toilet to find Nibbler. Fry and Leela go after him, and with the help of some mutant sewer people, they save Nibbler and vanquish a monster.

#6 Brannigan, Begin Again: Aired Sunday, November 28, 1999

After Zapp Brannigan is court-martialed for blowing up the Democratic Order of Planets and stripped of his rank of captain, he and Kif are begging on the streets. He comes to the door of Planet Express and Professor Farnsworth hires him and Kif. When Bender and Fry complain about Leela working them too hard, Zapp suggests a mutiny and takes over with the support of the lazy ones. Zapp leads the crew to certain death attacking then Neutral planet, and when Fry and Bender figure it out, they put Leela back in charge. Zapp ejects into space with Kif, and Leela is left with stuck controls on a collision course with the Neutral planet. She gets the boys to actually work, and saves the day. However, in court she says it was Zapp who saved the day so that he won't work at Planet Express anymore.

#7 A Head in the Polls: Aired Sunday, December 12, 1999

Prices in titanium sky-rocket after a mining accident, so Bender sells his part-titanium body to a pawnshop for a wad of cash. He's quite happy being just a head, and goes to talk to the other heads in the head museum, where some ex-presidents tell him that just being a head isn't all it's cracked up to be. He starts having nightmares about missing his body, and then decides to go back to the pawnshop to get it. The pawnbroker tells him he sold it. Meanwhile, there's a new entry in the election for president of earth, formerly dominated by the clones, John Jackson and Jack Johnson. It's Richard Nixon's head, with Bender's body! Bender, with help from Leela and Fry, steals his body back from Nixon who's staying the Watergate hotel, but Nixon still wins the presidential race because of his new Voltron-like war-robot body. After elected, Nixon goes on a killing spree.

#8 Xmas Story: Aired Sunday, December 19, 1999

Leela and Fry are both lonely on Xmas, and Fry tries to find Leela the perfect present to make her feel better. Bender goes to the local robot shelter for poor homeless robots, drinks all their alcohol and then takes them caroling and robbing. The whole gang fights Santa Claus, an out-of-control robot who tries to kill the naughty people, which is everyone except Zoidberg.

#9 Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?: Aired Sunday, February 6, 2000

When Dr. Zoidberg starts going insane, Professor Farnsworth diagnoses him as needing to mate, because he's full of male jelly. The gang takes Zoidberg back to his home planet for mating season, but it turns out he is an adequate male of his species, and no one wants to mate with him. Fry tries to coach him in courting the beautiful Edna, but when Edna finds out that the romantic words she's hearing from Zoidberg are really Fry's, she goes after Fry. Zoidberg catches the couple in a compromising position, and challenges Fry to fight to the death. Fry doesn't want to fight, but is forced into it. He has Zoidberg at his mercy, but then stops the fight in order to declare everlasting friendship. Zoidberg clips off Fry's arm, and the fight continues. However, suddenly it is mating frenzy time, and Zoidberg realizes that he's missed it. A good thing too, since after mating his species dies and gets picked at by seagulls.

#10 Put Your Head on My Shoulder: Aired Sunday, February 13, 2000

Fry and Amy have a short-lived affair, which soon smothers Fry. Just as he's about to break up with her, they get in a terrible car accident and his head has to be temporarily grafted on to her body. Meanwhile, Bender starts a scam computer dating service, where he rounds up dates at the bus station. Fry breaks up with Amy, so she gets a hot date for Valentine's Day, but of course his head has to be there. Both Fry and Leela get awful dates through Bender, and when their dates take off together, Leela saves Fry from having to be alone with Amy and her date.

#11 Lesser of Two Evils: Aired Sunday, February 20, 2000

While visiting Past-o-rama and driving a 20th century car, Fry hits another Bender Unit robot named Flexo. The Professor hires Flexo, who Fry thinks is evil, to help protect a very expensive atom that goes on the top of the Miss Universe tiara that Planet Express is delivering the pageant run by Bob Barker's head. When the atom disappears, Flexo is blamed, but it turns out that Bender actually stole it.

#12 Raging Bender: Aired Sunday, February 27, 2000

After picking a fight with a robot in a movie theater who happens to be the champion of the Ultimate Robot Fighting League, Bender becomes the new Ultimate Robot Fighting headliner. He finds out that the league is fixed, an as long as he remains popular he'll keep winning. Finally, he is told that he is taking a fall the next match, to an enormous robot called Destructor. He asks Leela to help train him, and Leela does so after finding out that Destructor's trainer is her old nemesis from high school. Bender doesn't have a chance against Destructor, but Leela finds out her old nemesis is actually controlling the robot remotely. She kicks her old nemesis's ass, and Destructor falls on top of Bender, winning the match.

#13 A Bicyclops Built for Two: Aired Sunday, March 19, 2000

While in the virtual world of the internet, Leela's dreams come true when she meets another cyclops. Having thought that she was the last of her race, she is excited when he gets in touch and invites her to visit him on their home planet. He tells her about the destruction of their race, and laments that they are the last of their kind. Leela agrees to marry him to propagate their race, even though he's a nasty slob who treats her like dirt. Luckily, Fry thinks something is wrong, and he and Bender go investigating in the "forbidden valley." They discover that this cyclops is actually an alien who can morph into many forms, and he has found many different desperate alien women to all marry him. They bring all the different women together, who collectively kick the playboy's ass.

#14 How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back: Aired Sunday, April 2, 2000

Bender gets in a fight over cheating at poker and turns Hermes's office into a huge mess right before an office inspection. Hermes fails the office inspection from his superior, Morgan Proctor, and is told to go on vacation. He goes to a spa that Zoidberg recommends that is actually a forced labor camp. Meanwhile, Morgan takes over Hermes's bureaucratic duties at Planet Express and seduces Fry, who turns her on because he's such a slob. Bender busts the odd couple in bed, so Morgan steals the disk with his brain on it so that he can't tell anyone and sends it to Central Bureaucratic Filing. The gang, with the help of Hermes who has successfully organized the work camp, breaks into the Bureaucratic Central Office and retrieves Bender's brain-disk from the huge mega-inbox of unfiled stuff.

#15 A Clone of My Own: Aired Sunday, April 9, 2000

On the occassion of his 150th birthday, Professor Farnsworth realizes that he's getting old and needs a successor to his work, so he creates a 12-year-old clone of himself. His clone, although genetically just like the Professor, doesn't have the same imagination, and scoffs at the Professor's inventions and friends. The Professor realizes that his clone is just another failed invention, and decides to let the Sunset Robots take him away to the planet of the old people. The crew of Planet Express is horrified at the Professor's decision, and goes to the Near-Death Star to rescue him. They are about to make their getaway with the Professor when their engine is shot out. Luckily, after a bump on the head, the Professor's clone realizes how the miraculous engines work and fixes them. Once they get home, the clone vows that he'll grow up to be just like the Professor.

#16 The Deep South: Aired Sunday, April 16, 2000

The gang goes deep sea fishing in their space ship, but when Bender catches an enormous fish, it drags the ship down to the bottom of the sea. While everyone is trying to figure out how to get back to the surface, Fry meets and falls in love with a beautiful mermaid. It turns out he has met a resident of the lost city of Atlanta, and when the ship is ready to return to dry land, Fry says he's going to stay with his new love. Just as the ship is leaving, Fry and his mermaid try to make love, and they realize that their bodies are incompatible that way. Fry runs back to the ship and grabs Bender's huge trailing fish-hook just in time to be dragged back to the surface with everyone else. Dr. Zoidberg finds a shell on the ocean floor while they're down there, and creates a new home, but Bender drops a lit cigar and burns it down... the logic of which which confuses Hermes.

#17 Bender Gets Made: Aired Sunday, April 30, 2000

When Leela is temporarily blinded by a master chef, he invites her and all her friends to eat at his restaurant, but then surprises them with a bill. Bender, a huge fan of the chef, volunteers to work their bill off at the restaurant. While working there, he meets the robot mafia, who recruit him for a mission to steal expensive Zuban cigars. It turns out that it's the Planet Express ship, piloted by a blind Leela, that is carrying the cigars. Bender manages to keep the robot mafia from killing his friends, without his friends knowing that he's helpping to rip them off. Bender quickly decides to retire from organized crime and go back to the regular kind.

#18 My Problem With Popplers: Aired Sunday, May 7, 2000

On a trip back to earth, having run out of food, the crew of Planet Express stops on a mysterious planet and discovers a food that's better than sex. They call it Popplers, and start selling it through a major fast-food chain on earth. When Leela discovers that Popplers are actually baby intelligent animals, she tries to get everyone to stop eating them, but by then it's too late. Suddenly, the residents of Omicron 5 come to earth and demand revenge for earthlings eating their young. When it is discovered that there aren't enough humans to equal the number of Popplers eaten, the residents of Omicron 5 say they just want the first person who ate a Poppler: Leela. Zapp Brannigan tries to trick the aliens with an orangutan made up to look like Leelah, but it doesn't work. Just as the king of Omicron 5 is about to consume Leela, the baby Poppler that Leela first discovered speaks on her behalf, and says that one shouldn't eat for revenge.

#19 Mother's Day: Aired Sunday, May 14, 2000

On Mother's Day, Mom, the head of Mom's Friendly Robot company, collects her gifts from all her loyal robots, and then using her remote control causes them all to revolt against humans. Mom tells her natural sons about a romance long ago, and shows them a picture of the man that broke her heart: Professor Farnsworth. Mom's sons go find Professor Farnsworth, and tell him he has to get to second base with Mom to get the remote control out of her bra. Professor Farnsworth seduces Mom, but falls for her at the same time. The robot revolution is stopped, and Mom finds out that the whole seduction was part of a plan, so she kicks Professor Farnsworth out.

#20 Anthology of Interest I: Aired Sunday, May 21, 2000

Using the Professor's What-If machine, Fry, Leela and Bender find out what would happen if their fondest wishes were fulfilled. Bender asks what life would be like if he were a 500-foot tall robot and sees that he dies by the hand of a giant Dr. Zoidberg. Leela asks what her life would be like if she were a little more impulsive and sees herself go on a killing spree and sleeping with Fry. Fry asks what his life would be like if he didn't come to the future, and sees that it causes a rift in the space-time continuum and destroys the universe.

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