5th Season

#1 Crimes of the Hot
#2 Jurassic Bark
#3 Route of All Evil
#4 Taste of Freedom
#5 Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch
#6 Less Than Hero
#7 Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles
#8 The Why of Fry
#9 The Sting
#10 The Farnsworth Parabox
#11 300 Big Boys
#12 Spanish Fry
#13 Bend Her
#14 Obsoletely Fabulous
#15 Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV
#16 The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings

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#1 Crimes of the Hot: Aired Sunday, November 10, 2002

Earth is suffering from global warming and can't counter its rising temperature through the usual method (the dropping of a giant ice cube into the ocean). The Professor tells everyone that the pollution is due to his poor design of robots, so everyone decides to destroy all robots. Nixon holds a robot party on the Galapagos islands to get all the robots in one place so they can be destroyed, but at the last minute the Professor has an idea and gets all the robots to vent upwards at the same moment, causing the Earth to move farther away from the sun and solving the problem.

#2 Jurassic Bark: Aired Sunday, November 17, 2002

Archaeologists find the remnants of the pizzeria where Fry used to work in the 20th century, including the petrified remains of his dog, Seymour. Fry protests to get his dog out of the museum, and remembers how he first met Seymour and the dog's intelligence and loyalty. Fry gets his petrified dog back, and the Professor says that he could clone it, but Bender gets jealous of Fry's new best friend and throws the dog in molten lava. When Bender sees how distraught Fry is, he jumps in after the dog and rescues it. The Professor begins the cloning process, but finds out that the dog is 15 years old. Fry stops the cloning, because he only had Seymour until he was 3, so he figures that the dog led a full life and loved someone else. Meanwhile, we see in flashbacks that Seymour spent the rest of his days in front of the old pizzeria waiting for Fry.

#3 Route of All Evil: Aired Sunday, December 8, 2002

Hermes and the Professor's sons, Dwight and Cubert, are kicked out of their boarding school for fighting. The two fathers tell their delinquent sons to get jobs, so the two boys, hoping to make their dads proud, found their own delivery company. They get a contract delivering newspapers, and Hermes and the Professor are entertained by their boys and their "paper routes." The boys, who are creating a very successful company, are tired of being treated like children, so they hire away Planet Express's staff and then take over Planet Express itself. Hermes and the Professor become despondent, feeling like their young sons already are better than them and don't need them, but when it turns out that the boys haven't even been delivering all the papers they promised to, they go running to their dads for help. Their dads not only help them out, but do battle with the father of the bully that got them kicked out of school in the first place. Leela makes beer and uses Bender as the brewery, and Bender happily becomes pregnant with a baby beer.

#4 Taste of Freedom: Aired Sunday, December 22, 2002

Dr. Zoidberg is accused of flag desecration when, at a Washington D.C. celebration, he cannot restrain himself from eating a large flag. After Zoidberg is sentenced to death, his people send an invasion force to enslave the people of Earth and teach them the meaning of freedom.

#5 Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch: Aired Sunday, January 12, 2003

Amy hijacks the Planet Express ship to see her boyfriend, Kif. Kif tries to get Amy to move in with him, but she's not ready. Due to a strange fact of Kif's anatomy, he gets pregnant, and Amy tries to be responsible and prepare for motherhood, but she's just not ready for such a big commitment. Amy runs away, but when Kif gets ready to give birth alone, she makes a grand return to help him. Luckily, Kif gives birth to a bunch of tadpoles that crawl away into the water until they sprout legs in 20 years. Amy figures she might be ready for the commitment in 20 years.

#6 Less Than Hero: Aired Sunday, March 2, 2003

Fry and Leela find they have superpowers after using Miracle pain relief cream given to them by Zoidberg. Fry convinces Leela that they should be superheroes, and along with Bender they form the New Justice League. Fry, as Captain Yesterday, Leela, as Clobberella, and Bender, as Super King, become honored servants of the city, and the mayor calls on them to foil a museum heist by the Zookeeper and his criminal animals. Unfortunately, while stopping the crime, but letting the Zookeeper get away, Leela misses meeting up with her parents who are on the surface for just one day. Leela is devastated when her parents think she is ashamed of them, and she tells them who she is, but they can't keep a secret. The Zookeeper kidnaps Leela's parents and holds them for the gem that he was originally trying to steal.

#7 Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles: Aired Sunday, March 30, 2003

Everyone decides that the Professor is too old, so they youthasize him, but the process goes awry. While the Professor becomes middle-aged, everyone else becomes a teenager. The Professor figures out how to reverse the process, but Leela decides she wants to take this second chance to be a teenager and live with her parents. The Professor's solution goes awry as well, and everyone just starts getting younger and younger. Leela reads about a Fountain of Aging, and helps the Professor get their friends, who are all babies now, to the fountain in deep space. When her friends almost drown, Leela has to dive in herself and give up her youth to save them.

#8 The Why of Fry: Aired Sunday, April 6, 2003

Fry feels totally unimportant when the Planet Express crew goes on a mission without him, and Leela starts dating Chaz, an aide to the Mayor. Nibbler kidnaps Fry, and the Nibblonians inform him that he is unique in the universe, and must once again go up the Evil Brains who are plotting to learn and then destroy everything. Fry sets a bomb to send the Evil Brains into another dimension, but gets trapped there with them when his getaway ship falls apart. The Brains show him how it was Nibbler that, in 1999, tipped his chair so that he fell into the crygenic freezer. Fry goes back in time to stop that from happening, but Nibbler explains that he's only making sure Fry is around to save the future. Fry decides the future is worth saving, and tips his own chair himself, warning Nibbler that he better provide a better getaway ship in the future. In the meantime, Leela is having a great time as Chaz impresses her with all the clout he has around the city, but when he reserves the most popular ice skating rink for their own private use, shooing a bunch of starving orphans away, Leela realizes that Fry is really the better man. Fry returns from saving the universe, but has his memory wiped by Nibbler, and gets a surprise kiss from Leela just for being a nice guy.

#9 The Sting: Aired Sunday, June 1, 2003

The Planet Express crew is sent to a planet of giant space bees to collect space honey, but due to Leela's reckless behavior, Fry is killed by a space bee sting. After burying Fry, Leela's guilt gets the better of her, and she starts overdosing on space honey and having weird waking dreams that Fry is alive. Finally, Leela wakes up, and learns that she was in a bee sting-induced coma for two weeks and Fry sat by her bedside the entire time talking to her to get her to come out of it.

#10 The Farnsworth Parabox: Aired Sunday, June 8, 2003

The Professor conducts an experiment that produces a box that scares him, so he has Leela guard it overnight before Hermes throws it into the sun the next day. On a flip of a coin, Leela decides to give into her curiosity and look inside the box, and she discovers a parallel universe where everyone has different colored hair and every coin flip turns out the opposite of our universe. Fry and Leela discover that they're married in the alternate universe, because on a flip of a coin, Leela finally went out on a date with Fry. Disaster strikes when the Zoidbergs take off with the universe-hopping box, and the gang realizes that their Hermes is still back in their universe, and is about to throw their box into the sun. They track down the Zoidbergs and get back through the box just in time to stop Hermes. On the other Leela's advice, Leela finally goes out with Fry.

#11 300 Big Boys: Aired Sunday, June 15, 2003

As a result of Zapp Brannigan's victory over the Arachnid homeworld, Richard Nixon's head gives everyone a $300 refund from the silk surplus. Hermes buy fun bamboo boogie boots for his son, Leela swims with a whale, Kif gets presents for Amy, Amy buys a talking tatoo, Bender buys robber tools to steal a $10,000 cigar, and Zoidberg tries to live like a rich person, but doesn't enjoy it. Fry drinks 100 cups of coffee, and has super speed with which to save everyone from a deadly fire that breaks out at the celebratory ball.

#12 Spanish Fry: Aired Sunday, July 13, 2003

Fry and the gang go camping, and Fry hopes to see Bigfoot, but instead he is abducted by aliens and his nose is stolen. It turns out that "human horn" is a known aphrodesiac in the universe, and Fry, Leela and Bender track Fry's human horn to the leader of Persei Omicron 8, Lurg, who hopes it will help him with his troubled marriage. They convince Lurg to give Fry his nose back, but then Lurg gets the idea that Fry's other human horn, the one in his pants, might be more useful. Leela plans a romantic dinner in the forest for the royal couple, hoping they'll get it on the natural way and not need an aphrodisiac, but the dinner is a failure. Just as Fry is about to lose his horn, Bigfoot makes his appearance. Lurg and his wife think Bigfoot is cute, and when someone makes to attack him, they protect him. Lurg realizes that what he was going to do to Fry was the same as attacking Bigfoot, so he lets Fry go. Lurg's wife is touched by his sensitivity, and they rekindle their romantic feelings.

#13 Bend Her: Aired Sunday, July 20, 2003

Bender sneaks his way into the Olympics by posing as a fembot, but after he wins five gold medals, he needs to have his gender verified in order to collect them. Bender has the Professor give him a sex-change, and then he proudly collects his medals. He is about to have himself changed back when he gets a dinner invitation from famous actor-bot Calculon. He goes out on the date, and enjoys the presents that follow, but doesn't expect the marriage proposal. Bender decides to marry Calculon and then divorce him and take half his stuff, but when Calculon professes his love, Bender's feminine side makes him unable to hurt the poor lovelorn robot. Leela helps Bender stage his soap-opera death at the wedding, so that he can get out of the wedding without hurting Calculon. The Professor finally changes Bender back into a male robot, and crude Bender is all back, but he can't help but shed a tear when he sees the TV movie that was made out of his and Calculon's doomed love story.

#14 Obsoletely Fabulous: Aired Sunday, July 27, 2003

The Professor gets a new robot, Robot 1X, to help around the house, but Bender hates it and refuses to work with it. The Professor sends Bender in for an upgrade to make him compatible with 1X, but Bender freaks out and runs away. He escapes from the factory and finds his way to a tropical island where he becomes a castaway. He meets other runaway obsolete robots, and they decide to go back to New New York and teach the people there of their pure non-technology ways. Bender tries to attack 1X, but instead almost kills his friends, and has to work with 1X to save them. Bender realizes that 1X isn't so bad to work with... and his upgrade is complete.

#15 Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV: Aired Sunday, August 3, 2003

Bender manages to get cast on All My Circuits, and steals the show when he drinks, smokes, curses, and steals stuff on TV. The Professor and Hermes get annoyed when their kids start emulating Bender, and even Bender draws the line when the boys steal stuff out of Bender's own apartment. Bender leads the protest against himself, but the network president forces him to continue performing on the show. Bender delivers a heartfelt message, encouraging parents to turn off the TV for their kids.

#16 The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings: Aired Sunday, August 10, 2003

Fry wants to learn to play the Holophoner (3.02) so that he can impress Leela, but while he hears beautiful music in his head, his hands can't keep up. Bender takes Fry to see the Robot Devil, and Fry makes a deal with him to get the hands of a robot chosen from a spinning wheel. Fry ends up getting the hands of the Robot Devil himself, and becomes a famous Holophoner player. A Hedonism robot commissions an opera from Fry, and he writes it about Leela. The Devil Robot, however, plots to get his hands back, and makes Leela deaf so she can't hear the opera. Then he promises to give her robot ears if she'll trade him her hand... just one hand. The Devil Robot then interrupts the opera, telling Fry that he wants his hands back. When Fry refuses, the Devil Robot says he's taking Leela's hand... in marriage! Fry gives the Devil Robot his hands back to keep Leela from having to go live in robot hell. While Fry can't finish his beautiful opera, he does manage to at least give Leela the idea that they live happily ever after together.

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