4th Season

#1 Roswell That Ends Well
#2 A Tale of Two Santas
#3 Anthology of Interest 2
#4 Love and Rocket
#5 Leela's Homeworld
#6 Where the Buggalo Roam
#7 A Pharaoh To Remember
#8 Godfellas
#9 Futurestock
#10 A Leela of Her Own
#11 30% Iron Chef
#12 Where No Fan Has Gone Before

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#1 Roswell That Ends Well: Aired Sunday, December 9, 2001

While watching a superernova explode, Fry tries to microwave popcorn in a metal container and the result is that the Planet Express ship is thrust into a time-warp and crash lands on July 8, 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. Bender, who wasn't wearing his seat belt, is thrown through the window of the ship, and Zoidberg is sent to collect his pieces. Zoidberg and Bender's body are captured by the military, and Fry, with Bender's head, goes to hunt them down. With the Professor's stern warnings not to mess with history in his mind, Fry encounters his grandfather, Enos, and tries to keep Enos safe in order to ensure his own existence. Unfortunately, Fry's actions bring about Enos's untimely death, and while comforting his grandmother Fry ends up in bed with her, becoming his own grandfather. The gang steals a microwave radar dish in order to recreate their time warp and return to their own time. Just before going through the time hole, they rescue Bender's body and Zoidberg, who has been a mystery to the military and the president alike. Just before returning to their own time, the gang loses Bender's head, but they recover it over a thousand years later in the same field where it originally fell.

#2 A Tale of Two Santas: Aired Sunday, December 23, 2001

After securing their building against the murderous Santa-bot, the Planet Express crew is ordered to deliver children's letters to him. They fly to Santa's HQ on Neptune, where the poverty of his mistreated elves offends even self-absorbed Bender. He, Leela and Fry inadvertently trap Santa-bot in ice, freeing the oppressed elves to make toys again. Bender takes on the job of delivering the presents, but instead gets hunted by scared families and eventually arrested and sentenced to deactivation. Santa saves Bender just as he is about to be deactivated, and Bender joins Santa on his slaying that night.

#3 Anthology of Interest 2: Aired Sunday, January 6, 2002

Three stories unfold when Professor Farnsworth fine-tunes his "What If" machine. Bender discovers that if he were human, it would only take him a week to over-indulge and kill himself. Fry learns that his video game skills wouldn't be good enough to protect earth from Space Invaders if life were more like a video game. Leela wonders what would happen if she found her true home... but gets knocked out before she can see what the machine answers and dreams that her space ship crash lands on Planet Ozz and crushes an evil witch with ruby red boots.

#4 Love and Rocket: Aired Sunday, February 10, 2002

Having secured a lucrative contract, the Professor upgrades the Planet Express ship, giving it a new voice (Weaver) that arouses Bender. The robot is so enamored that he takes to tickling the ship's controls to hear it laugh, which causes it to malfunction. Ship and robot quickly become an item. But just as quickly, Bender tires of it, picking a most inopportune time to say they should "just be friends." But like Hal in "2001: A Space Odyssey," the ship has its own ideas. Lucy Liu has a cameo.

Rating: 3.8/6

#5 Leela's Homeworld: Aired Sunday, February 17, 2002

Leela gets an award at her old orphanarium and is reminded about how much she wished she knew her alien parents growing up. Bender gets jobs disposing of toxic waste and dumps it all into the sewers, pissing off the mutants that live there. The mutants kidnap Bender, Fry and Leela and threaten to mutate them, but two mysterious strangers help them escape. Leela finds out a museum dedicated to herself in the mutant underworld and is amazed when the waters of the mutant lake don't mutate her like they're supposed to. She finally tracks down the mysterious strangers and, with some help from Fry's sleuthing, figures out that they are her parents. It turns out that Leela isn't an alien, she's a mutant, but was born so close to perfect that her parents passed her off as an alien so that she could grow up on the surface.

#6 Where the Buggalo Roam: Aired Sunday, March 3, 2002

Amy invites her friends from Planet Express and her boyfriend, Kif, to her parents ranch on Mars. During their Mars Day celebration, their entire herd of valuable buggalo are stolen, and Kif, to prove his manliness to Amy's parents, vows to get them back. Kif gets the buggalo back from the native Martians that stole them, but the Martians then kidnap Amy instead, hoping to trade her back to her family for the return of their land, bought many years ago for one lousy bead. Amy's parents call in Zapp Brannigan, but it is Kif who learns how to fly a buggalo and saves Amy from a tornado created by the native Martians. The native Martian also learn that their lousy bead is actually a huge valuable diamond, and they happily take off to buy themselves a better planet with their new fortune.

#7 A Pharoah To Remember: Aired Sunday, March 10, 2002

Bender becomes obsessed with being remembered after his death, so his friends throw him a surprise funeral to show him how they'll mourn when he's gone. Bender finds his friends' pathetic displays of grief insulting. Planet Express delivers an enormous block of sandstone to Osiris 4, a planet remarkably similar to ancient Egypt. Fry, Leela and Bender are enslaved and find themselves building an enormous monument to the great Pharaoh Hamenthotep. When the pharaoh dies, Bender schemes to get himself declared the new pharaoh so that he can have a monument built to him. Pharaoh Bender gets the largest statue in the history of the planet, but when he also treats his slaves worse than any pharoah before him, they revolt and he and his friends are thrown into his tomb before his death. In order to escape, they must destroy the enormous statue of Bender. Bender is sad to see his monument go, but enjoys the taste he got of being a tyrannical dictator.

#8 Godfellas: Aired Sunday, March 17, 2002

Bender is accidentally lost in space and becomes planet and God to a society of very small people. Bender finds it difficult to be God, between trying to perform miracles and trying to butt out. In the end, the society living on his body goes to war and destroys itself. Bender float along in space, distraught, until he meets God and compares notes on the difficulties of being all-powerful. Meanwhile, Fry, with Leela's help, locks up a bunch of monks in the Himalayas so he can use their powerful telescope/transmitter to find Bender out in space. God hears Fry looking for Bender and sends the robot back to earth.

#9 Futurestock: Aired Sunday, March 31, 2002

Fry meets a stock broker from the 1980s who was also frozen cryogenically and installs him as the CEO of Planet Express. The new CEO turns Planet Express into all flash and no substance, and once he gets a favorable write-up in a magazine, he quickly sells out to Mom Corp. Fry vows to put things right and prevent the sale, but it's ultimately the new CEO's old bonitis from the 1980s that makes him unable to complete it.

#10 A Leela of Her Own: Aired Sunday, April 7, 2002

The Planet Express crew plays a game of blernsball against the new pizzeria across the street and Leela is pitching. With ever pitch she hits a batter in the head, and ends up drawing a crowd of fascinated spectators. The owner of the pathetic New New York Mets hires her to be the first professional female blernsball player, hoping that she'll draw a similar crowd to pro games. Leela thinks she's being groundbreaking until a college female blernsball player, Jackie, tells her that she's ruining the chances of other female athletes ever being taken seriously. Leela vows to be not the worst player at blernsball ever, and trains with Hank Aaron the 23rd, who currently holds the title as worst player ever. In the last game of the season, Leela gets up to pitch and ends up pitching to the newest pro player, Jackie. Leela throws two strikes, but on her third pitch Jackie hits a home run and wins the game. A depressed Leela is cheered up when Jackie tells her that at least she inspired female athletes everywhere to work harder to prove they're not as bad as Leela. Leela retires and takes over Hank Aaron the 23rd's title as worst player ever.

#11 30% Iron Chef: Aired Sunday, April 14, 2002

Bender attempts to become a chef, and is quickly rejected by the Planet Express crew. He then turns to the chef that inspired him, Elzar who also rejects him. Bender soon makes friends with some space hobos and, coincidently, one of them is Helmut Spargel, formerly the world's greatest chef. Helmut takes Bender under his wing and trains him to be a master chef by giving him a secret weapon -- a crystal vile containing "the pure essence of flavor." A now confident Bender challenges Elzar to a competition in the televised kitchen coliseum known as the "Iron Cook" show and actually wins. Meanwhile, Zoidberg breaks the Professor's ship in a bottle and frames Fry for the crime, but even though the consequences are minimal, Zoidberg can't live with the guilt.

#12 Where No Fan Has Gone Before: Aired Sunday, April 21, 2002

After learning that Star Trek was banned from Earth in the 23rd century, Fry determines to retrieve episode tapes that were sent to the forbidden planet Omega 3. On reaching Omega 3, the Planet Express crew finds the original cast of Star Trek alive and well and being held captive by an all-powerful energy cloud who claims to be the greatest Star Trek fan ever. Fry beats the energy cloud in a trivia contest, and the energy cloud decides to set the Planet Express crew and the Star Trek cast members against each other in a fight to the death. It is only by working together that they are able to escape from Omega 3, and Fry convinces the energy cloud to get a life.

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